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Eka-Dvayam- The Voice of the Body
Ravi Prasad and Mónica de La Fuente

Ravi Prasad and Monica de la Fuente reinterprets Indian dance and music traditions towards a contemporary language of movement and voice.
An invisible thread interweaves two bodies that vibrate in unison. Breath becomes sound, voice, song, movement, gesture, mudra. This experimental tour-de-force explores the origin of creation, the seed that evokes each emotion weaving voice into body in search of the primeval connections between dance and voice presented in a theatrical and poetic language.

The fire element, expression between body and chords.
The Bharatha Natyam is one of the eight classical dances of India, identified with the fire element. The actress, a spanish dancer and choreographer Monica de la Fuente has studied for seven years the body language of Baratha Natyam in southern India, the origin of this traditional indian dance, and has merge with contemporary theater and dance technics.

For his part, the musicien and composer Ravi Prasad, from south India, who lives in France, is the creator of the “Indian Polyphony” chords that have led to the emergence of musical innovations such as the symphony Mythia result of the fusion of jazz, flamenco, classical and indian music. Ravi Prasad presented this show in UNESCO and in the Olympia Theatre in Paris.

In an interview with the Indian daily newspaper The Hindu (7 october 2012)
Monica de la Fuente and Ravi Prasad say about their production, “Eka-Dvayam — The Voice of the Body”, “A search of the communion of both elements (voice and body) and a search of truth in the process of creation is what shapes the path of this experimental work.”
"People found it a layered production. On one level it was seen as the coming together of a male and female performer, on another the human search for communion, on yet another as symbols of the voice and the body, but essentially it is an autobiographical work, tracing individual journeys, one leaving his native soil and finding meaning in a new environment, and the other discovering arts rooted in an alien soil and bringing them back to her own country to craft her own language."

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