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Nilgirls avec Z Quartett
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Ravi Prasad & Kiko Ruiz
Flamenco guitar / vocals, flute and Indian percussions.

A dialogue between flamenco and the voice of India, by two unconventional artists.

The "tone" of this adventure is lyrical and fusional, it begins as a friendly, musical meeting for the show "Ponguël, the legend of Kerala", created by Ravi Prasad in 2004.

Ravi Prasad and Kiko Ruiz develop a dialogue which they interpret with great simplicity and elegance without losing the spontaneity they have when improvising together. Ravi Prasad is also the complement of a first experience, the more"primary" with flamenco, Pedro Soler, following a search of his origins from India to Andalusia ... With "Tandem", the two artists prove the simplicity of the project.

Two different worlds meet and intermingle with generosity and harmony, the breaks which can sometimes be associated with Indian music and the proud tradition of flamenco are nowhere to be found. Strong in terms of rhythm, subtle in its texts, the opus reveals melodic treasures through eight ballads and songs of irresistible charm...

The artists take us on a journey that seems familiar to us but which we gradually realise is unknown, this opens new horizons to us. It is in the spirit of instinctive complicity and through the pleasure of meetings that this dialogue becomes a strong light show where the song of Ravi Prasad, in the fullness of his vocal mastery, unfolds on guitar chords played by virtuoso, KikoRuiz.

Tandem was elaborated so that Ravi Prasad and Kiko Ruiz could go beyond the cultural dimension in favour of universal expression ... through lullabies, waltzes and other tunes we can see the evidence.

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