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Ravi Prasad, Monica de la Fuente and Indian Song choir

Polyphonic and gesture creation, born from the artistic encounter between Ravi Prasad and Monica De La Fuente and their explorating connections between voice and dance gestures with a choir (20 singers). Through the music composed by Ravi Prasad, nourished by South's India folk or sacred music, voice and body language interact. Indian mudras (symbolic gestures of the hands) express emotions and feelings.

This show presents a mosaic of polyphonic tableau with the Indian Song choir structured around the duo of Ravi Prasad and Monica de la Fuente, living facet of Indian culture in a contemporary angle.


It was created in 2012 at the Theatre des Mazades, Toulouse and played in September 2013 at the Auditorium of Balma, France.

Données techniques
Artists : Ravi Prasad, Monica de la Fuente, Indian Song choir
Composition: Ravi Prasad - Choreography : Monica de la Fuente
Show concept : Ravi Prasad, Monica de la Fuente
Show light : Ariel Moulin

Show: > saturday 28 september2013 in Auditorium of Balma




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