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Nilgirls avec Z Quartett
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The meeting of four exceptional percussionists united by a real bond and a common passion: the tambourine. Brazilian pandeiro, Eastern riq, Indian kanjira or Italian tamburello, this small percussion group crosses cultures, continents and traditions.

Paul Mindy, Ravi Prasad, Carlos Rizzo and Adel Shams el Din, the journey they take us on a through rhythm is incredibly gratifying.
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Tambour Quartet is written as a musical journey through the rhythms of the vast repertoire of instruments that have always accompanied the secular and sacred rituals, dances and, very often, situations of trance. The drums from four continents (Africa, America, Asia and Europe) are, despite the considerable distances that separate them, from a similar digital percussion family. Each of these drums is played with a technique and a unique style and their repertoires are tied to traditions that are lost in the mists of time but still remain alive.

Carlo Rizzo has composed the music for this concert from the characteristics of the four instruments and the performers. This composition can unite or divide the styles, the theme being modernity and revisited tradition. The will of the composer is to develop contemporary writing from the rhythms, melodies and traditional songs but also to demonstrate to the listener the extreme modernity of these drums have passed through the millennia remaining to this day models of technical complexity and fresh music.

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