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Working with Ravi Prasad: an original and practical approach which uses the body as an instrument, through the voice.

Ravi Prasad transmits and shares his passion for the voice which he believes is “the first instrument” through classes and workshops for professionals and amateurs.
Ravi Prasad also intervenes within artistic teams on specific themes: dance companies, theatre groups, instrumental groups, vocal control…

In 2008 he opened the Espace Ravi Prasad, in the Toulouse area which is a place dedicated to the voice. The purpose of this site is to promote the artistic use of the voice, making it accessible to all while encouraging those involved in this artistic outlet to meet. He transmits his experiences which are the result of his training as a traditional Indian singer. More details about this place and the classes and workshops can be found on www.espaceraviprasad.com

43 rue Roland Garros

Phone : 05 61 80 15 36



Ravi Prasad offers a place where the exploration of the body, air, resonance and emotions come together to give way to song. It is important to take into account the things that can influence the quality of vocal expression and more generally on the overall expression of the body, including the handling of an instrument, the relationship to space...
The participants learn techniques and practical methods to help them with their artistic work, while moving towards greater self-knowledge.

How does Ravi Prasad work?

Ravi Prasad uses specific techniques that suit everyone while at the same time leaning on group work that teaches the participants about working with others and space thus creating trust and creativity.
In addition to the basic techniques (circulation of breath, rhythm, resonance of the body, polyphony, relationship to space), the work of Ravi Prasad focuses on:
- Still yet Mobile
Voice quality depends on breathing and balance. The human being is subjected to all kinds of influences, including that of gravitation. The "vertical" changes every moment because we live in a world that is in constant motion. It is this balance of "vertical suspension" that we are looking for.
- The voice as it is
Breathing is the first step of our journey ... the voice is natural. For this exploration, the sound is a fabulous vehicle which causes vibrations in the whole body.
- Vibrations
Through sound, all the cells of an organism interact. This enhances our awareness and helps us locate the internal tensions. A score is simply the combination of sound (voice) and the "mold" is the body. If you change this "mold" it can act on sound and vice versa. Thus, by acting on the vibrations which act upon these tensions we can resolve any malfunctions.
It also gives meaning to notes.
- The cellular mould
There are seven syllables (7 notes) in Indian music, from which ranges are built.
The combination of these syllables and ranges can easily circulate in the body. This "cellular mould" plays a fundamental role in this process and can influence accents, modulation, and feelings.
Indeed cell mobilisation guarantees a good flow of blood in the body and generates “feelings”. The expression of these feelings can be communicated through song, giving it life.

The work of Ravi Prasad makes the participants understand that techniques, feelings and creativity are linked to and participate in expression and creation.



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