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bul bul tarang concept
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bul bul tarang concept  

Bul Bul Tarang Concept is a creation by Ravi Prasad made up of known musicians, most living in the Toulouse area:
Ravi Prasad (Design, composition, singing, bul bul tarang)
Jacky Grandjean (Electric Bass)
Frédéric Norel (Violin)
Nantha Kumar (Percussionist)
Rémy Causse (Electronic programming)


bul bul tarang concept

Presentation of the project
The Bul Bul Tarang, literally translated means "song of the nightingale," it is a string instrument from India and Pakistan. It has two sets of strings, a game for the drone and a game from under the keyboard for the melody.

It is by pressing the keys on the keyboard like on a typewriter that the distance between the key and the bridge can be regulated, creating the melody. The right hand rubs the strings with a pick bringing the rhythmic aspect. This instrument, given to Ravi Prasad at the age of 8 accompanied him on his first musical discoveries during his childhood and adolescence.

In 2004, he found a Bul Bul Tarang displayed in the window of a Spanish museum. This discovery brought back childhood memories and awoke a desire to rediscover the instrument. After a long search he finally found one in a small music shop in Southern India. Ravi Prasad ordered an electric version of the instrument with pedal effects, opening the door to endless possibilities.

The show "Bul Bul Tarang Concept" is the story of Ravi Prasad’s childhood memories and his meeting with the jazz violin, electric bass, electronic programming and Indian percussion. The use of electronic programming with acoustic instruments offers new transformations and metamorphoses. Different lighting accompanies the project, giving each moment its own dimension.

Created in Midi-Pyrenees
- Espace Ravi Prasad Labège (residence in February 2010)
Broadcast in Midi-Pyrenees:
- Salle Nougaro-Toulouse: 400 seats - March 10, 2010
- L’ESTIVE (Scene Nationale de Foix): 590 seats - Autumn 2010 Paris
- La Bellevilloise: 450 seats - March 11, 2010

Solid partnerships to run the project
- L’Estive-scène nationale de Foix
- La Bellevilloise - Paris
- L’Espace Ravi Prasad
- Salle Nougaro -Toulouse

  photos pdf (in french)

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