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Nilgirls avec Z Quartett
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Ravi Prasad – Philippe Gal

Music and images
Created Ethni' contemporary

Everything is music. A painting, a landscape, a book,
a trip is only worth it if we can hear its music.
[Jacques de Bourbon Busset]

A Project...
The duo is a world in itself joining together world music, jazz and other contemporary creations.
Drawing freely from their culture and their experiences, they create images and music.
If the show is performed as a duo, the musicians are not confined to the borders of music, but they tend to combine different medias as means of expression.

... The sound combined with the image.
These artists decided to mix music with images in all different kinds of ways by using, photos, videos and live creations...
Creations and meetings are how they work. The music they create can accompany a work of art or it can be linked to a work of art in such a way that it all becomes one.


Crossed disciplines...
...In the service of contemporary art.

A meeting...

Since their meeting, over 10 years ago, Ravi Prasad and Philippe Gal developed a highly original musical universe where their rich and unique sounds and instruments invite us into a musical cosmopolitan, between India and the West.
Not just a juxtaposition of styles, but a real meeting that gave birth to a type of nomadic music, contemporary and facetious leaving place for improvisation.
Combining singing "Sanskrit," but also bass steel drums from the Caribbean, percussion and flutes, the music of this duo, invites us to travel and to use our imagination.
The two musicians have a rare complicity, creation is their keyword. Playing with sounds and music, they fill space like two painters painting a canvas.

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