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  Meeting with Carlos Saura in Casa de India in Valladolid, 26th June 2010.
Jazz Hot - J.M. Gaudas
"The voice of Ravi Prasad is powerful, warm, captivating."
Les Inrockuptibles - O. Bailly
"Ravi Prasad & Pedro Soler," How does one tune his guitar which can play not only flamenco to play alongside Ravi’s
voice which cries? How does it work? It's a mystery. It gives us a wave of nostalgia listening to this CD whose beauty owes nothing to the ornament. "
Libération - Bouziane Daoudi
"Ravi Prasad composes work that creates a voluptuous charm and trembling."
Chronicart - Soeuf Elbadawi
Duet with Pedro Soler: "A lot of focus on sharing, this is not Ravi Prasad’s first experience. In 96, he had already initiated a meeting between jazz, Indian classical music and flamenco, with a show called Mythia, the Indian symphony (show played at UNESCO and at the Olympia). By initiating a new dialogue with an ace of the gypsy duende, Pedro Soler, music lovers are thus left delighted and emotional.”
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Classica - J. Nossan
Entre-Deux: "Faced with a string trio, Prasad accepts his vision of a free and universal music, complex and contemplative. A fascinating singer and flutist, Prasad reigns over all others on stage."
La Dépêche du Midi - M. C. M.
Mythia: "A full and generous work. It is a beautiful definition of universality that Ravi Prasad has given us."
L'Indépendant - V. Pons
Entre-Deux "This extraordinary musician, creates nothing other than sensual music. With his concert rightly called Entre-Deux - the East and West - Ravi Prasad casts a spell over a whole room."
Les Chroniques du Solénoïde
Entre-Deux, "Prasad offers us a number of Impressionist paintings: we could well become fans of the Kronos Quartet and citizens of the 4th World!"
Le Nouveau Politis - Denis Constant Martin
"A merger without complacency or condescension. [...] An authentic world music.”
Z Production - Jean-Luc Aribaud
Duet with Philippe Gal " we become acrobats, jugglers as we listen to this music, we hold our breath when we hear his magical voice [...] So music, musics, that Ravi Prasad and Philippe Gal introduce to us, make us turn to ourselves."
Trip-Hop - Charles de la rédaction
Song for the Inner World: "It is not surprising that artists such as Björk, Massive Attack and Madonna have wanted to work with Talvin Singh when listening to his last performance:" Song for the Inner World ", which was commissioned by the festival of Saint-Denis. Undisputed master of this traditional and a virtuoso of turntable mixing, Talvin Singh and Sangat, a group of eight international artists who accompany him as singer and Indian percussionist Ravi Prasad ... perform a work in six parts that invite travel, meditation, spirituality, and communion with a subtle blend of traditional Indian music and urban electronic sounds."
Ethno Tempo - Stéphane Fougère
Song for the Inner World: "These five songs for the inner world of Talvin Singh are like odes to the divine, respecting
both the canons of Indian music as rhythmic figures and climatic electro. The first part, Only You, a true modern day raga that lasts nearly twenty minutes, is carried by the mantras heady Carnatic singer's voice.
Find reviews of Stéphane Fern devoted to the creations of Ravi Prasad on: Ethno Tempo.
Les Inrockuptibles - F. Dordor
"Song for the Inner World", created by Talvin Singh for the Festival of Saint-Denis, and attended, among others, by the
great Carnatic voice Ravi Prasad, condenses a musical vision focused on the interaction between machines and traditions that continue to fascinate and inspire his work.
L'Humanité - F. C.
La fête de l’Huma: "This astonishing mastery of rhythm and language characterises the absolute musicality of Minvielle..
His singing balances in the veins, in the blood. He started a local laboratory, where he invites special guests such as artist Ravi Prasad, the poet Bernard Manciet, thePolyrythmic Rap Choral Experience of Gascogne. Not to mention the essential Duophonic with Bernard Lubat, in which both lead to the instigation of the voice in all its forms (poetry, theatre, literature, blues ...): We are in the ocean. "
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